BECKA is a leading electrical appliances company which is first established in Japan in year 1990. We have made a remarkable name within the electrical home appliances industry with our reliable and durable electrical products. Throughout the years since our establishment, BECKA has now set up many branches in countries such as Malaysia, China, Italy and Indonesia.

As a leading brand supplying electrical home appliances, BECKA is also well known as a kitchen equipment supplier in the countries that we served. We are committed to develop and manufacture a comprehensive and innovative range of kitchen appliances for the convenience of our customers.

Our company is highly focused on customers’ satisfactions and we are dedicated to provide efficient electrical home appliances to meet with the modern busy lifestyle of individuals and families. We make cooking and household chores more easy and fun with the electrical appliances offered by BECKA.

BECKA’s motto is “Aggressive On Worldwide Achievement” whereby our company is constantly on research and development for more sophisticated electrical home appliances to meet the requirements of the international market. BECKA is always creative to develop useful and stylish home electrical appliances bringing great joy to every home.